Rental Drapes

Rental drapes are available in a wide variety of fabrics, colours and sizes. They come in two basic styles - Pipe and Base or Grommet and Tie


Velour Drapes

Our thick polyester velour drapes provide that thick, rich fabric feel.  Rich in color, our rental velours have the look of classic cotton velour with all the advantages of a synthetic IFR fabric. These velour drape beautifully and is appropriate for all types of events.

Stage White Velour
Pewter Grey Velour
Black Velour
Bordeaux Velour
Red Velour Drape
Green Velour
Blue Velour Drape
Silver Grey Velour
These drape panels have coloured tabs on the top and bottom. The nap of this beautiful velour changes colour depending on which direction it is hung.
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Silk Drapes

The look of real silk, but made of 100% IFR Polyester fabric.  Our silk drapes are light and provide a bit of sheen to your space. 

White Silk
Gold Silk
Blue Silk
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Polyester Drapes

Our 100% polyester black drapes provide a flatter, matte black image. 

Commando - IFR
PD Cloth - IFR Fabric
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Scrim, Sheer and Specialty

White "Stretch or Lycra" Trapeze
White sheer
White scrim
White IFR Muslin
Ultrabounce - Black / White
Black Scrim
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