0% or Flat

Defining Fullness

Fullness describes how much fabric is used to make the finished drape.

  • 0% or Flat – Just like it says no gathering or pleats at all. A 10’ wide drape uses 10’ of fabric

  • 25% or 1.25 times – Where flat will not do but just a gentle look for pleating is desired. A 10’ wide drape will use 12.5’ of fabric.

  • 50% or 1.5 times - The most common type of fullness generally used for the average Main Border, Valances and Drapes. A 10’ wide drape uses 15’ of fabric.

  • 75% or 1.75 times - Where a richer and deeper look to the drape is desired then 75% or even 100% fullness can be used. A 10’ wide drape uses 17.5’ of fabric.

  • 100% or 2 times – An even richer and deeper look than 75%. A 10’ wide drape uses 20’ of fabric.

Stagefab ensures consistency and even spacing of the pleats when constructing drapes with fullness and hides the seams in the pleat so the drape has the look of using only one piece of fabric. This can be a little difficult in drapes that have 25% fullness, but with 50% the problem is minimized or even eliminated.

100% or 2 times